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Welcome to Toad Road Music - home of Mike Senyszyn.  I am a professional guitarist and vocalist, guitar instructor, composer/songwriter/publisher, experienced church music director, and occasional pianist/keyboardist.

As a guitarist, I have performed for over 35 years... in rock bands, musical theatre orchestra pits, churches, and solo - genres including classical guitar, blues, jazz/standards, and all styles of rock (from southern/country rock to shred & extreme droptune metal and anything in-between).

I have performed various styles as a vocalist - from church cantor to standards crooner to edgy rocker.

I am also a guitar instructor, teaching all levels and styles to all ages.  My mission is to offer players increased musicianship and artistic vision; musicians a dose of playfulness and artistic dimension; and artists a musician's foundation without forgetting how to enjoy the instrument.  I do believe that a truly well-rounded guitarist has all three personalities: player, musician, and artist.

Songwriting credits include all genres of guitar, vocal, and piano music.